Will I get married – divination for marriage, children and the sex of the child

Will I marry, and when is a man ready to marry? – Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question. In general, marriage is often (to a greater extent) a matter of women’s hearts, while men see it all more pragmatically. When a man is ready for marriage depends on many different and, above all, very individual aspects. An important aspect, of course, is a man’s desire for freedom.

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Your boyfriend doesn’t want to get married and you want him to ask for your hand? You are probably very concerned about your relationship, and certain questions keep popping up in your head. Does he really love me? Why doesn’t he want to marry me? He loves me, but he doesn’t want to marry me-what am I doing wrong? When will I marry him – Finding satisfactory answers to these pressing questions is not easy. After all, there are different, very personal reasons why a man doesn’t want to walk down the aisle.

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