Card 9: The Hermit


In Numerology: 9
Star Sign or Planet: Virgo
Yes or No answer: This card says Maybe
Key dates: August 23 – September 22

The Hermit in an Upright Position

When the querent sees the Hermit in a spread it is showing that the querent is in need of some quiet time. It is time for reflection and re-evaluating one’s position and their stances on issues that matter. There is also a time to withdraw from outside activity that distracts one from their spiritual and personal pursuits. There is also searching shown by this card. It is as if the querent or someone around them is searching for more meaning in life or for answers about something of importance. This may be a quest to find the meaning of life, or simply to find answers about an unresolved issue causing the querent pain or upset. The Hermit can also represent philosophy or a querent who is seeking their own philosophy. There is definite analysis going on within, and it stands to benefit the one seeking it and those around them.

The querent is called upon to meditate, but this card could also signify a spiritual person or life coach, a guru, or someone who offers guidance and healing intertwined. The lantern shows light and the promise of finding what one is seeking in life. There is encouragement to follow the star, or light, in order to gain understanding of a situation or to resolve an issue of some sort. There may be a need to be alone, and a need for peace. The querent may encounter a lonely person or someone who prefers their own company over big groups or gatherings of people. The querent or one close to them may be in need of a new belief system, project, or hobby that can give them release and answers about themselves or the universe at large.

The Hermit in a Reversed Position

A reversed Hermit card shows a need for getting out and having fun with other people. The querent may need a vacation from his thoughts and company to get him out of a funk. This break will give him time to experience different views and perspectives, which can help with the search for truth. When the Hermit is reversed it depicts harmful withdrawal that does not benefit the querent but makes him withdraw into himself from depression. It can show alienation and loneliness. There could also be sadness or a sad person around the querent that could use some guidance or light. Wandering blindly is also shown here as if the light in the lantern has been extinguished. The querent may be having problems with their resolve, opting to revisit old habits while depriving himself of spiritual pursuits that could enrich his soul and bring him closer to his higher self. There may also be difficulties with making friends or one connects with someone who has trouble with being social. The querent is urged to come out of their shell when the Hermit card is in reversal as well. There are experiences on the horizon that need to be undergone for the seeker to find his answers.

One can see that the Hermit shows an old man, and as such, the reversed position of this card can show a refusal to face the reality of getting older: clinging to youth when one is past their prime. This could show a woman looking for younger men or a man exploring younger women as a way to gain access to the eternal fountain of youth through his partners or the company he keeps. This also shows ageing with disgrace through undergoing procedures to preserve youth. This includes things like plastic surgery. Another interpretation of the reversed position of the Hermit is bitterness that come son with age and being jaded due to past wrongs or hurts. This card in reversal shows a bitter old man, hardened by his misfortunes, yet unequivocally strong. There can be closed-mindedness or a refusal to accept that certain times and events must come to past. Whatever the case, it is up to the querent to find a youthful spark within themselves that can be ignited at will.

Symbolism and History of the Hermit

The Hermit shows a weathered old man covered by a hooded cloak. He is standing alone and holds a lantern and staff in each hand. This hooded figure seems to be looking down and has a sombre expression. There is darkness all around him, and the way ahead is lit by a star that has been captured in the chamber of the lantern.

The lantern can be seen as a a beacon, shining light that leads one to their destination. The solitary nature of the Hermit shows the need for alone time that is with all of humanity. This card shows darkness that the hermit may be staring into, as if gazing into nothingness can provide better answers. The cloak upon his back suggests a wise man or priest, someone who has wisdom from experience and old age. The night around him shows that there is a need for time at rest to find truth and revelations about oneself.

Labelled Card 9, the Hermit may be bowing his head in solemnity or prayer. Perhaps he is like the monk that has taken a vow of silence, or one who undergoes self-evaluation in order to gain understanding of the things around him. He is alone, and this shows that he may be isolated, but this may be on purpose or without his approval,depending on which cards surround him. The Hermit is a hugely important card for those who are in need of some time to think back on things and make up their minds about certain things that may have previously been a source of anxiety for them. In any event, this card shows the querent what it takes to truly become mature.

Key Terms

Loneliness, Solitary, Seeking, Search for truth, Enlightenment, Higher Learning, Personal Growth, Introspection, Re-evaluation, A mind at ease, Someone who finds comfort in alone time, Silence.

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