Card 8: Strength


In Numerology: 8
Star Sign or Planet: Leo
Yes or No answer: This card says Yes
Key dates: July 23 – August 22

Strength in an Upright Position

A strong individual is represented by Strength in an upright position. This strength can be of spirit, in physical form, or of the intellect. This can represent one who is able to take on pain, trauma, or other sicknesses and come out on the other side even more resilient than before. There may be a scenario where the querent is asked to find courage within: for oneself or for another who lacks bravery themselves. There is also a need for honesty and personal integrity in order to achieve one’s goals. This is fighting off an urge to come by success through dishonest means. Another message the strength card uses is that the pen is mightier than the sword, and angry words, bullying tactics, and fear will get the querent nothing and will not serve him well. There is a strong need for diplomacy when the upright Strength card is found in a spread. This may also forewarn that hogging the spotlight will also do little to further the querent’s cause: that it is ability and not flamboyant attention seeking that will get the prize.

The strength card can show a person in the querent’s life who has all of the characteristics of the lion and his inner or outer strength. This person may even have the astrological sign of Leo. It shows that force is not going to win, but quiet, strategic, and determined means are best when in a position of asking or attempting to get one’s way. The querent is seen here overcoming obstacles, having  a strong will with instincts that ensure his survival. This can show passions being quieted and kept under control, and the querent may find himself using logic as a means of solving disagreements rather than scare tactics. There is more than just muscle behind this card, and there is either an energy at play with this characteristic or the need for this characteristic to develop within the querent.

Strength in a Reversed Position

The Strength card in reversal shows the lion leading the querent or pouncing on him. The lion is overpowering the querent, and there is abuse occurring. This can be physical abuse, substance abuse, or the abuse of power. There is a feeling that the querent or someone surrounding him is using force to get what they want. This is a warning that forcing something to happen is going to either backfire or cause it to never happen at all. There can show someone trying to dominate their relationship with the querent or the querent may be the dominating personality himself. You can see here that there is no control, a loss of control, or poor impulse control. The wants are overcoming the needs here, and the querent is having difficulty prioritizing. The querent could also find themselves having to bear witness to fits of rage or is having their own temper tantrums.

There is a stern warning that comes with the reversed position of this card: to tame the lion or be devoured by him whole. This translates into an urgent need to get anger, habits, and impulsiveness under control or be destroyed by them. This shows brutish behaviour in its most unflattering form, and the querent is challenged to keep this beast under control or suffer serious consequences. Lack of reasoning and overreacting are indicated by reversed strength, and it shows that the querent or someone they know will be made to appear weak through blowing things out of proportion or acting out in an uncivilized manner. Learn to control of the lion, or the lion will take over and take down anything in its path.

Symbolism and History of Strength

Strength shows the fool as he battles a lion. Thus, the Strength card represents the battle between the fool and the lion within himself. It shows strength of all kinds, inner strength as well as physical strength, and all things that have to do with a show of this strength. There may be an infinity symbol of the head of the lion tamer which shows infinity, which is commonly shown to signify eternity and the soul. There are several cliches that can be connected to the meaning of this card such as “lion tamer”, and “battling the lion within”. These are both similar in meaning, but have two very different meanings: one has to do with harnessing the energy of the lion and using for one’s own personal gain, whereas the second has to do with battling oneself and personal struggle between one’s soul and extremely strong, and sometimes malevolent forces.


The Strength card is shown here as Card 8, which is not always the case as it was viewed by some as somewhat interchangeable with the Justice card, so some decks will show the Strength card in the 11th position of the Major Arcana. Here we see either a battle ensuing between a person and the lion or someone seemingly leading the lion as if it is a pet. This is undoubtedly about power and harnessing it for one’s own personal gain or in order to better oneself. There may be passionate debate as well as impassioned displays or strong-arming tactics, for there is a lion present. Remember to view this card with the lion and all of its qualities in mind when reading for this card. The lion is a ferocious hunter, it stalks its prey and finds the opportune moment to pounce and overpower its victims, but it does have to be patient and forego immediately chasing after its food out of impatience. Otherwise, the antelope will be alerted to its presence and bolt off into the savannah, leaving the lion to starve until another day. The lion must lay in wait, quietly watching for the perfect moment to strike.

Key Terms

Inner strength, Strong words, Anger, Bullying, Using fear to gain control, Lack of control, A bad temper, Regaining control over one’s temper, Logic over passionate anger, Domination, Spiritual strength.

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