Card 7: The Chariot


In Numerology: 7
Star Sign or Planet: Cancer
Yes or No answer: This card says Yes
Key dates: June 21 – July 22

The Chariot in an Upright Position

The chariot in this position shows the querent that willpower and self-discipline are necessary in order to move forward on the journey. There has been success and much celebration, but there is still a need to be aware of the good and evil of the world, and recognition of destructive forces can help the querent to avoid disaster or tipping his chariot, in this case. There is a constructive use of one’s talents, and the hero here has had his victories propel him into further adventures. The querent will learn how to harness his talents to make something tangible in the real world. Being the master of one’s own destiny allows the querent to explore the hills and valleys of his will. There could be a conflict between people that the querent knows, and he may be pulled into the middle of the argument or is being told to choose a side. It is important to avoid the struggle altogether and continue riding in the most safe direction possible, lest your cart be overturned and its treasures lay in the road.

The querent may also find himself with coexisting opposite emotions on an idea or in regard to a specific matter. As if the chariot’s horses are each running in a different direction, and staying his cart. One could also see this time as a good time to purchase a vehicle, or he has recently purchased a vehicle. The querent’s vehicle may also need repairs. This card gives off the energy of being in control of one’s self and their direction in life. The querent or someone close to him may be making a career change or starting a different job, and travel over land is also very possible. With the chariot, there are huge indications that it is time to harness the invisible powers of light and dark in order to achieve excellence in all things. There is a need to take all things into consideration, and take time to consider each course of action, which is much like the planning of a road trip where one must consider each route and pick what is best and most pragmatic.

The Chariot in a Reversed Position

When the querent encounters the chariot in a reversed position, they will see that the chariot is overturned and the warrior has fallen on his head. This shows that the two opposing forces he has harnessed have collided with something or struggled against each other and upset his cart. This also means that the contents he is carrying with him: his talents, energy, achievements, and so forth have been spilled out and onto the road. He may be wasting his talents or have a false sense of success. Whatever the case, there is an indication that the querent may not have been honest with themselves about their progress on a specific matter. He may be spread to thin and unable to direct his energy towards one task at a time. The querent may also find that when The Chariot is reversed in a spread,  there may be an unwarranted reward coming his way, something that hasn’t really been earned. There may also be some sensationalized accolades that are blown out of proportion more for the photo-op, figurative and literal, than the querent’s deserving behaviour or heroic actions.

There could be drama headed his way in the form of a scandal of sorts, or the querent may find that this is true from someone in their inner circles. There is a definite collapse of will power here, showing that addiction issues and other problems that are helped by will power are coming back into full swing, there may be relapse, but the cards around this will need to be evaluated for their meanings in order to determine that. The Chariot also shows indecisiveness and uncontrollable emotions regarding choices. This is very much like the horses, or sphinxes, pulling the cart and having a power struggle. The querent has choices but is unable to determine if he should go with what he wants or what is right, making a reversed Chariot all the more unnerving. Someone may be practising hedonism, and living in excess where it will develop into destructive behaviour and overturned opportunities that very much resemble the upside down cart in the reversed depiction.

Symbolism and History of the Chariot

The card of the Chariot shows a warrior in full dress piloting a chariot. He is positioned behind two sphinxes of opposing colours. The dark principle represented by the black sphinx is suitably placed in the left corner while the white and pure sphinx lays to the right on the ‘good side’. The figure in the chariot can be likened to a Roman Warrior sent on a conquest. Some tarot decks do not use the imagery of the sphinx but instead use two horses to signify opposing forces at play. The warrior in the chariot is highly decorated, which denotes an honourable individual who has experienced achievement or success on his journey.

The Chariot is numbered as Card 7 in the Major Arcana and embodies the Fool’s battle with himself after his work has been done and he has mastered all of the other elements and obstacles in his path.

He wears his accomplishments on his sleeve as he arrives in the next town in full dress. Prideful and his own man, the fool can now choose which fork in the road to take. His only block would be if unseen opposing forces pulled him off track and upset his chariot. The past struggles of his journey are behind him and the road is seemingly clear ahead, so he is full of bravado and may appear a little cocky in his flamboyant dress, but this warrior is capable of many great things with his connection to his higher self and the divine to guide him and help him to choose what is right.

Key Terms

Good versus Evil, Self-discipline, Spiritual needs versus physical needs, Conflict between two sides, Choices causing chaos, Will power, Knowledge of right from wrong, Victory, Using energy effectively.

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