Card 6: The Lovers


In Numerology: 6
Star Sign or Planet: Gemini
Yes or No answer: This card says Yes
Key dates: May 21 – June 21

The Lovers in an Upright Position

When the lovers appears upright in a spread, it denotes the union of the male with the female. This occurs either through sex, dating, or marriage. Regardless of the degree of commitment, the attraction between the two figures is clear, and the querent will find that either he or someone around him is undergoing relationship changes that show more commitment and a change for the better. It can also show a battle between the sexes: lust versus love, black versus white, or hot and cold. The querent may be offered the opportunity to make a choice of some kind, but usually, the choice is regarding his romantic relationships. He may be considering leaving his partner for another, or his partner may be considering leaving him for someone else. Either way, there is a definite push towards connecting with the opposite sex. There is a warning to make choices with care and to really think them through. There is a duality to their harmony that shows opposites attracting and working together for a greater good.

The Lovers can also symbolize adultery if surrounded by the appropriate cards. Usually this is true if there are many Swords and a Pentacle nearby, and especially the Queen of Pentacles. The theme of the card fits this interpretation due to the presence of opposing choices and the polarity of the two archetypes. There is friendship between the two people on this card, and they have affection and admiration for each other. They may have been together for year and possibly since childhood. Whichever it is, the long term relationship seen here is instrumental in the querent’s life. They may find themselves in this quality of connection or be involved with other people who do. Regardless, the two in union that are depicted in this scene are very much in love and their chemistry serves those around them due to its abundance. An uncoupled querent could find themselves finally getting ready to date, and could be meeting an excellent match fairly soon. There may be an old love interest that resurfaces, and the querent may be thinking about past relationships with fond memories.

The Lovers in a Reversed Position

An inverted Lovers card shows the two companions upside down and hanging with arms open in a vulnerable splay. They seem at the mercy of the divine as if they are imploring the force between them to save them from certain death. This position of reversal represents broken relations and conflict between the male and female. There may be divorce on the horizon or simply bickering between husband and wife. There may be mood swings and nit-picking that provoke larger reactions than are appropriate for the situation. There could be a severing of communications. The severity of this break is dictated by the position and nature of each surrounding card. There may also be someone who is against the couple being together. This may be a family member, friend, or jealous outsider. This shows a warning to work on communicating better and safeguard your relationship where possible against infidelity and interlopers that are looking to drive the lovers apart.

One party of the union may decide to seek comfort and company with another, which could signify unmet needs. The querent can minimize this by doing their part to remain faithful to their partner, or if approached by a coupled individual, refuse to play a role in their infidelity. This should be taken as a warning to avoid engaging in an affair, and forewarns that the opportunity will present itself within your relationship or the relationship of someone close to you or your partner. Take care to tune in to each other as well. This will help to keep the quarrels small where they could be much more serious. On the contrary, the querent may be experiencing angst regarding unrequited love of some kind and could be taking stock of their feelings and the goings-on that relate to their love interest. They could also be focused on this unfounded love interest. A possibility of obsession is present, so one must lay down all past loves and focus on the union at hand in order to come out of this conflict with the feelings for their partner fully renewed.

Symbolism and History of the Lovers

Here, we see the card of the Lovers, which depicts an unclothed version of both the male and female. Depending on the deck you are using, there may be trees behind both the male and female: representing life and choices between good and evil. An angel or God himself above them in the sky, keeping them under a watchful eye of protection. The man may be gazing at his lover while his female counterpart looks to the skies.

The Lovers shows a union of logic with emotion, female with the male, and their mutualistic nature is very apparent. There is a feeling like one cannot live without the other. Much like the principle of the yin yang, the male and female are light and dark respectively. There is harmony between them, and complete balance is shown as if the illustration can be made into a scale if it is drawn over each part of the couple joined by the angel.

The Lovers is labelled as Card 6 in the tarot deck and shows the Fool’s journey as he encounters relationships, and romantic partnerships in particular. There is one train of thought that suggests that the man is the basic intelligence that all of conscious humanity utilizes, followed by the woman who is tuning into the divine above instead of her lover. This signifies female attachment to the divine, powers to see into the subconscious, and a connectedness with God above connectedness with the man. One figure does not overpower the other, and they are seemingly bonded to one another through an invisible means that suggests a magnetic attraction that surpasses the physical elements of this plain.

Key Terms

Love, Obsession, Quarrels, Choice, Affairs, Marriage, Beginning new relationships, Temptations, Loyalty, Romance, Commitments.

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