Card 21: The World


In Numerology: 21
Star Sign or Planet: Saturn
Yes or No answer: This card says Yes
Key dates: None

The World in an Upright Position

When the world is seen upright in a spread, it is an indication that everything has been done correctly and there is ultimate success for the querent or one he knows well. There may be supreme knowledge of all things, deep insights, complete adaptability, and an ability to rise above petty earthly concerns. There is an abundance of creative energy, ideas, and top position. The circle is complete and there is great success for the querent. He is aware of the universe and is happy on all levels: spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional. He is the king of the world, so to speak, and the querent is able to finally sit back and enjoy what he has made of himself. There may be accolades and speeches in tribute to the querent and they may receive special honours thanks to their excellent completion of their tasks. There could be certificates or other forms of commemoration for this event and fond memories of the journey to this point. Perhaps, there is a promotion in the future.

The World card shows retirement, graduation, marriage, golden anniversaries, Changes for the better, triumph, achievement, and fulfilment. The querent has done everything he can in his power to help himself and has received the ultimate rewards of immortality, and god-like status is his for the taking. There could be celebrations and dancing. There is an opportunity to make big purchases, give back to the community, and show off what one has made of himself and for himself. Dreams have been realized, and the querent can look to his other goals of having children, getting married, or settling down with a loved one after a long life of service to others.  The querent may find that he is able to take time to do what his heart desires after having to work for everything he has known. There may be some travel or spending that doesn’t require tracking. There may be bonuses on their way or an unexpected gift for hard work.

The World in a Reversed Position

A reversed World card shows a reluctance to start new things or try things out. The querent may have fears about certain things that are stopping him from enjoying complete success. Things may be standing in his way or blocking the continuous flow of energy that comes with the completeness of the circle. There may be a feeling that the querent is banging into the same obstacles over and over again, hoping that if he keeps doing the same thing that he will eventually get different results. The querent or someone around him is said to be refusing change when the reversed World card shows up. There is a feeling of someone digging their heels in and refusing to move even a little bit, purely for the sake of refusal. This card can also show immaturity when reversed as well as stubbornness that keeps things from moving forward. Overreactions and other issues with being pig-headed are apparent and the querent is asked to evaluate his motives for behaving this way, and choose to do the right thing or risk standing still in his own progress.

The World in reverse shows energy flowing backwards, so this isn’t just about staying in one place, but it is more about regressing due to being afraid. There could be cowardly attitudes keeping things backed up. There is also a need to refrain from letting emotions enter into the mix or their will be no movement. There may be conflict between the elements when the reversed World card surfaces in a spread, and this can show as blockages. There is a saying of being stubborn, “like a stick in the mud,” which shows the disharmony between water and earth when the reversal is in full swing. The querent would be wise to put his feelings aside and focus on facts in order to make his decisions. Otherwise, he may find himself regressing and losing ground on his goals, hopes, wishes, and dreams. This card can be associated with incomplete effort, so it is a warning to put in the effort instead of relying on childish tactics to get one’s way.

Symbolism and History of the World

The World shows a wreath, or a serpent eating its tail, circling a maiden. In some decks there may be a Hermaphroditus in the place of the maiden. These two images denote completeness. Circles are unending much like the serpent or wreath while a Hermaphroditus indicates the complete and perfect union of the female and male principles. The four elements adorn the four corners, calling to the cardinal directions with their energy. This card is a very powerful image of completion, coming full circle, and the Fool finishing the journey. It can show success and becoming whole. This can be a perfect joining of the spirit with the body or a spirit becoming perfect and god-like after reincarnating many times and learning all of the lessons that life can afford them.

The Card 21 position of this works well: twenty-one being a product of the trinity and lucky number seven. The wreath could be said to represent the crown of the kingdom of heaven. There is complete safety within the circle for the maiden and there are no dangers left for her to encounter in this world. The perfect harnessing of all of the elements is shown and this can mean completion of occult study. There is a huge feeling of achievement with the World card as the journey is over with. There are no more obstacles left to overcome, and no problems left to solve. There is merely time to enjoy what one has done and where one has ended up thanks to their hard work, dedication, and strength.

Key Terms

Completion, Attainment, Full-circle, Graduation, Tying up loose ends, Joy, Celebrations, Stubbornness for the sake of being stubborn and arguing, Energy blockages, Elemental disharmony, Perfect unions, All things united.

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