Card 19: The Sun


In Numerology: 19
Star Sign or Planet: Sun
Yes or No answer: This card says Yes
Key dates: None

The Sun in an Upright Position

The upright position of the Sun card symbolizes all life in glory. It can mean positivity, happiness, joy, giving joy, spreading sunshine, being bright intellectually, or being bright in disposition. There is good fortune, and any negative cards are diminished in severity when the Sun is around in its upright position. The querent can expect that when this card shows up in a spread the right way up, that he will get his wish or that his request is being granted. Clear thinking is shown, and there is self-awareness and open-mindedness, and there is a positive atmosphere all around the querent. This may also indicate a person close to the querent who is very positive, upbeat, and optimistic about everything they do. This is also a reminder that the querent should be optimistic in order to reach their goals. The querent is challenged to take up volunteer work or another activity that spreads joy to those who are less fortunate, and this will help to boost his mood or change his outlook.

The Sun can also foretell pregnancy or marriage for the querent or someone in their circle. There is action on the horizon, success is coming, and positive energy is available for creative projects. This is a card of fruitfulness and of growth. The Sun in an upright position symbolizes all growth whether it is spiritual, physical, intellectual, or emotional. It can show that the querent is becoming more mature when it comes to certain matters or maturing in terms of age. There is hope with this card and a feeling of urgency about seizing the day. Opportunity is available and there is no time like the present to attempt to reap rewards for good hard work. There has been effort, the querent has nurtured his goals and relationships, and now there is promise of harvest on the horizon.

The Sun in a Reversed Position

The reversal of the Sun card shows the sun below the field and below the flowers, which signifies that the sun is acting like a cooking vessel and scorching the crops with its immense heat. There is a feeling that the sunny disposition shown by this card is a show, and there are false pretences at work currently when this card shows up in its reversed position. Promises and happy plans will fall through at the last minute, and there may be unwarranted optimism about a situation involving the querent. Misinformation has led the querent into a situation that he may not be able to get out of, and there could be a reversal in the querent’s luck or in his plans. A wedding may be called off or a vacation may experience setbacks. There is still good luck afoot, but it is not what the querent had originally thought it would be. Because the sun is low in the reversed position, it can be an indicator of a need to be more grounded and realistic than usual in order to handle the current situation well.

The reversed version of the Sun implies a need to really understand what is being asked of the querent before he jumps into any endeavours. The querent should also beware offers that seem too good to be true or any schemes where there is an unrealistic amount of reward for very little work. The querent may still have his wishes granted, but needs to be cautious about people trying to sell him the idea that their potion is the way to find his true happiness or grant him his long-cherished wishes without there being any hard work. There is a symbolic sentiment with fool’s gold that illustrates the message of a reversed Sun card, and it warns that what appears to be bright, promising, and positive, may not be in the long run. He is warned to see beyond first appearances in the light of day where he can further examine all offers, proposals, deals, or opportunities. In this way, he may still find himself on the correct path to happiness but with a clarity that was not previously available to him. This may be a lesson meant for the querent or a lesson that the querent must draw attention to for someone he is close to.

Symbolism and History of the Sun

The Sun card shows the sun hanging high in the sky as it dominates the face of the card almost entirely. There may be flowers shown on one side of the card, which represent the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. There may be a child or the sun god, Apollo, in the scene. The entity in the illustration presides over the elements and harnesses them in order to create all life on Earth. The sun is life-giving and warms everything it touches with its light. There is joy shown here as the sun boosts moods and Apollo or the child, whichever is shown, has a contented look on his face as if the sun is showering joy onto him and all mankind with little to no effort.

The Sun is considered to be Card 19 in a tarot deck and appropriately follows the Moon card, shedding light on all things hidden and revealing all mysteries and secrets from the previous card. The dreams or nightmares of the night before are dissipated by the light from the sun’s beams, and there is a feeling that all will be okay. There is a sense of innocence within this card that is signified by the bareness of the child or Apollo, whichever is represented. The light may be casting a golden hue onto everything else in the picture, or the picture is predominantly gold in colour. This symbolizes the gold and riches of the situation as well as the precious nature of the sun as it is the lynch pin energy source for the planet.

Key Terms

Promise, Bright future, Yes card, Golden opportunity, Intellectual strengths, Joyfulness, Harvest, Growth, Warmth, Happy events, Good news, Luck.

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