Card 18: The Moon


In Numerology: 18
Star Sign or Planet: Pisces
Yes or No answer: This card says No
Key dates: February 19 – March 20

The Moon in an Upright Position

When the Moon is encountered upright in a spread it can symbolize the subconscious of the querent: the things he hides within himself deep form the knowledge of others as well as himself. There may be certain feelings that continue to surface or recurring dreams that show the querent what lies beneath and in his subconscious. The Moon can also represent dreams of all sorts; this can be dreams of a prophetic nature or those which help the querent to sort out the business of the day while he is asleep. The Moon can also show a need to pay attention to these dreams in order to learn about oneself and what is laying in wait in the dark parts of the querent’s mind. There is an indication of the power of imagination as well as mysterious events and feelings that should be acted upon. The querent may have secret enemies: people who don’t like them and people who the querent is not fond of.

There are secrets in the making or in the works that the querent may or may not be privy to here, and the Moon is shedding light on them and bringing them into the awareness of others. This is also a sign of occult power or the power to change oneself in order to gain favour from others, which falls in line with the changeable face of the Moon, its power over the tides, and its being ruler of the female reproductive cycle. There is jealousy or what one cannot have, and there may be insecurity afoot due to the uncertainty of the Moon’s changeability. One may be working on a night shift somewhere or moonlighting as something else in order to make extra cash or gain experience in another field. There is deception also shown by this card in its upright position. It is only a matter of time before this is revealed to all involved, so it is best to lay low until the sun comes up.

The Moon in a Reversed Position

When the Moon is encountered in its reversed position, it shows that the querent must try to avoid mood swings, overreactions and instability where possible. There may be a dangerous situation where the querent is asked not to act on impulse. There is a need for predictability with this card in its reversal, and confusion is best avoided when this card appears upside down in a spread. Do not let your imagination control you or make you see things that are not there. Spring into action only after learning all of the facts of a situation. Do not act on urges. There are wrong intuitions shown here, and instincts that are usually correct have been thrown out of whack. The reversed Moon card warns of losing control and asks the querent to keep himself in check when dealing with enemies or those who wish him ill will. There is a call for peace, and the querent or someone around him must keep themselves in check in order to maintain this peace.

The reversed Moon card also shows that there may be a need for stability in areas of the querent’s life that have to do with women, animals, or emotion. The querent or someone around them may have a temper and need to keep themselves from blowing their top in order to avoid loss, trouble, or tragedy. In addition, the Moon in this position shows that he must keep his secrets a bit longer instead of confessing. Wildest dreams and hunches should be kept in the dark until a better day, or they could be the ruin of the querent. This card should also be read as involving someone in the querent immediate circle if it does not apply to him himself. There is a warning to stay away from water during the period shown by the card and pay attention to tidal forecasts if at sea. The querent may also find that this is a good time to remain predictable and that being a creature of habit will serve him well during this time.  It is also advisable that he read all instructions thoroughly to avoid becoming confused when there is something he wants to build or when taking a test. This will help him to avoid confusion that could cause undesirable consequences.

Symbolism and History of the Moon

The Moon shows a full moon holding dominion over the Earth and its sleeping occupants below. There may be a crab in the illustration, which signifies the astrological sign of cancer, which is suitably ruled by the moon. There is water in the illustration that shows the tidal powers of the moon, and there may be a dog, wolf, or both seen there, depending on if the imagery of the goddess Diana is being used , or if the imagery associated with Hecate is being used instead. The Moon is commonly shown wearing more than one face, showing its changeability and its varying phases. There is something magical about the light that the moon casts here as it shows a light for the night and its dangers, but casts shadows that can cause confusion.

The Moon is numbered card 18 in a tarot deck and can be found following the hopes and wishes of the Star card. It signifies the instincts and intuitions, as well as hunches, feelings, and dreams. There is an unspoken feeling that the Moon also represents the female principle, which is ruled by the moon due to its cyclical nature. There is psychism here as well due to the moon being able to see all things. Things that are hidden from the waking world and the light are shown here, and the unknown is represented in the Moon as well as our animal instincts that is kept hidden during the day and from other people.

Key Terms

Unpredictability, Rhythms, Cycles, Confusion, Dreams, Intuitions, Instinct, Dreams, The Subconscious, Hidden Feelings, Emotion, Changeability.

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