Card 11: Justice


In Numerology: 11
Star Sign or Planet: Libra
Yes or No answer: This card says Unclear
Key dates: September 23 – October 23

Justice in an Upright Position

The upright position of the Justice card shows that the woman is very stern, and her stiff posture shows an immovable nature. Much like the law, this card shows a very black and white, matter of a fact position on all matters. This is where the querent will encounter the message of fairness and balance, or a warning that there is a need for balance and fairness in all things. Decisions and consequences must be completely impartial. The querent or someone he is close with will encounter the scales of justice and be brought back to centre where they are righted in their path and with their actions. This could also indicate where the querent is being judged through their words, actions, or both. There is a need present for being unbiased in one’s thinking and opinions. The querent is asked her to remain uninfluenced and to avoid those who wish to influence his opinions or decisions.

The querent can expect returns on his efforts and actions. Whether these are good or bad returns will depend upon the surrounding cards, but there is a huge possibility that someone has finally come to collect or that efforts are bearing fruit. One will find that a Justice card in their spread can show good karma when in an upright position, but it is important to emphasize the importance of respecting the scales and the forces that turn everything so that it may fall into equilibrium. Thinking must be clear and uncluttered, and the querent is asked to base decisions on facts rather than feelings. One must use their head instead of their heart in all matters to experience the best possible outcome. There could be a job interview or an academic review where the querent finds himself in the position of being assessed or judged in some way, or it could show court cases being rules in the querent’s favour. If not, it could be a sign that someone close to the querent will win their court case or have things end favourably for them.

Justice in a Reversed Position

The reversal of the Justice card shows the scales overturned and upside down where their contents are upset and the scales are completely out of whack. The women is also now upside down showing that justice has failed the querent or someone he knows. Their may been a grave injustice done to the querent or he may have taken part in or ended up being a victim of crime. There could be legal delays, or a suspects verdict could be overturned much like the woman in her throne. There is imbalance in the querent’s life and he could be encountering bias, favouritism, or unfair court proceedings where the querent cannot defend themselves or suffers unfair penalties from rulings of the court. The querent may find themselves or someone they are associated with engaging in illegal activities. This warns of their danger.

The Justice in a reversed position shows where the querent may be living life without consequence. This is particularly true for those indulging in drugs, alcohol, or other addictions like gambling. The problem with this thinking is that Justice may be on its head, but it is still active. Addictions will catch up with the querent and the Justice card warns of these types of imbibing, and shows that they can and will ultimately destroy them if they don’t give up their no-consequences lifestyle. There is an undercurrent of danger and punishment for bad actions in the past. One will get his just desserts, but this may be delayed by the nature of the Justice card’s position. Whatever the situation, there is a feeling that the querent is being robbed of his justice. It isn’t that he won’t soon come to reap the rewards or disappointments of his past efforts but rather, that they will fall upon him when he least expects it and when he is unable to wriggle his way out of paying for mistakes or running from the forces of karma.

Symbolism and History of Justice

Justice shows a woman seated between two pillars, which are like the pillars of justice. The woman is holding a large weapon, a double-edged sword, and the other holds the Libra scales which show how balanced or unbalanced things are at all times. The scales depicted in this card are in complete balance, showing how justice in the real world works: through balance.

There is a feeling of an eye for an eye, and the powers of karma are in full swing, showing that all actions have reactions and that things have a way of eventually coming into balance. Stoic and seemingly unaffected, the woman signifies the keeper of all justice, and these are justice for mankind, justice for Earth, and even justice for the weak. She is a warrior, willing to fight for what is right, and her scales threaten to right wrongs and give those who have been wronged something to negate the actions taken against them. This is like the tipping of scales to bring them back to perfect balance.

Shown here as Card 11, Justice has been placed in the eighth position in other decks due to the correspondence with the number 8, Libra, and Libra’s scales. Although its position in the tarot deck has been changed, its meaning still holds true, and there is a feeling of enforcement of the golden rule, the concept of karma, and of equality in all things. However, justice is swift, and can be cold and clinical despite its ability to grant closure, joy, and satisfaction to those who stand to benefit form its being put into action. Notice also that the woman on the throne has her eyes opened wide, showing that justice isn’t blind. This evokes a feeling of being able to run but unable to hide from her sharp sword and affinity for righting society’s wrongs.

Key Terms

Equality, Fairness, Karma, Impartial judgement, Legal matters, Illegal actions, Being caught, Achieving Balance, A balanced lifestyle, Righting wrongs.

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