Card 10: The Wheel of Fortune


In Numerology: 10
Star Sign or Planet: Jupiter
Yes or No answer: This card says Yes
Key dates: None

The Wheel of Fortune in an Upright Position

The querent may find himself travelling, have a turn of events, or need to learn to respect the constant motion of the wheel. There may be a need to accept that everything changes, but this is also a reminder that everything passes. There may be a change for the better on the horizon for the querent or someone in his circle. The querent may also be working hard and beginning to see the rewards in the form of progression, promotion, or accolades for a job well done. Whichever is most true, the querent is in control of his destiny. There are simply lessons to be learned from the rise and fall of energy that is apparent with the Wheel of Fortune. The querent may be experiencing good luck. Things may be coming full circle or coming into full swing: in love, work, creative projects, or conflict with a loved one may be on the mend. If the querent finds themselves having health problems, this card in the upright position comes as a sign that relief or healing is on its way.

The Wheel of Fortune in this position always shows things getting better. Hopefully for the querent, but also for those in his immediate vicinity. If one has been experiencing financial issues, these may be slowly improving, and the querent may find he is able to put some aside or finally pay off debts that have been piling up. There are unexpected events at play in life and the wheel is always turning and spitting out these twist and turns for the querent to experience. This may be a necessary lesson as life cannot always be in top position just like it cannot be in despair and darkness for eternity. Thing always travel in a circular motion and positions, feelings, and circumstances changing are what the Wheel of Fortune always shows. It is up to the querent to accept this as his fate and learn to understand and harness the power of the Wheel himself.

The Wheel of Fortune in a Reversed Position

Unfortunately, the Wheel of Fortune must turn, and those on top will make the descent to lower positions regardless of how much they fight. This is a temporary lull, but one may find themselves experiencing stagnancy in life or projects may come to an abrupt halt when the Wheel of Fortune is shown in its reversed position. When we invert the card, we can see that the wheel is no longer turning in the right direction, but counter clockwise, foretelling of a reversal in fortune, or something being taken back or needing to be returned. This could mean gifts and opportunities being taken. Kind word being taken back. The querent may find that privileges are being revoked or that they have been demoted at work. This reversal also represents instability, uncertainty, and anxiety about the nature of declining conditions.

Because the Wheel of Fortune is in a constant state of unending motion, the querent can expect that the misfortune will soon pass, but whether this is soon or not, will be determined by the surrounding cards. A reversed wheel always shows things and conditions being switched, and as opposed to climbing, we all of a sudden see the querent falling. There is no way to prevent or fight the changing of fortunes, there is a need to approach this reversal with an attitude of respect for the elements and the progression or regression of events. The querent may also need to accept that there are things in life that cannot be changed. If not, he may find himself being dragged from his position while clawing his way. The querent or one surrounding him may need to simply let go and let the Wheel of Fortune take him where it goes. It is an inevitability anyway, and here, we see that surrender is the only option.

Symbolism and History of the Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is shown with a wheel surrounded by either the three Fates or four elemental beings that preside over its operation. The wheel may have inscriptions on it, but for this purpose we will not examine these here. The wheel itself is symbolic of life and the ups and downs that occur in all stages with all endeavours. Things that are on the decline will eventually begin to climb, and aspects of life at their zenith will surely begin to decline, and so forth in a continuous, unending circle. This is the nature of any wheel, and it is appropriately named The Wheel of Fortune because the nature of the wheel is like the nature of fortune, ebbing and flowing, rising and falling, but always turning. This gives one a full and wonderful example of how life operates and reminds all who encounter this card that we are masters of our fate, but the wheel will turn and we will always experience triumph followed by decline and low point followed by ascension to a better position.

This card is positioned as Card 10 in the tarot deck and shows the dramas of life supervised by either the fates (in some decks) or elemental archetypes showing their dominion over all of life’s events. For the fates, the Wheel of Fortune shows the three aspects of the Goddess: the maid, mother, and chrone. The child, the woman, and the wise one. The elemental display on some cards shows the four corners governed by the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water in their fixed states. These are instrumental forces at play in our lives during every situation as they correspond to various areas we live our lives enduring. These areas are relationships and romance, which is governed by water, creativity corresponding to fire, air is to life’s conflict and justice, while earth shows career and hard work. Thus, the wheel turns, and life becomes more difficult or less difficult in each aspect.

Key Terms

Good Luck, Fate, Progress, Opportunity, Promotions, Acceptance of circumstances, Top Positions, Bad Luck, Change, Unexpected events, Things getting better.

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