Card 1: The Magician


In Numerology: 1
Star Sign or Planet: Mercury
Yes or No answer: This card says Yes
Key dates: None

The Magician in an Upright Position


The Magician in an upright stance is a huge indication of being in control of situations that surround the querent. It can also represent someone who is, should the querent lack this control themselves. There is an air of accomplishment to this card that illustrates ambition that nurtures dedication to one’s craft. Unseen forces may also be at work as a guiding hand or gentle nudge in the correct direction when pursuing goals. The Magician shows that there is a definite presence of confidence in one’s abilities, and little concern for the praises and criticisms of others. It shows the stirrings of union of the earthly self with the higher self, and encourages optimism and action as a vehicle for reaching one’s goals. Solid foundations for future success have been made, and the correct steps have been take in order to put one on the correct path. This is where working a plan works better than waiting for opportunity to come to the querent on its own.

This card also shows working with the elements or occult studies that help the querent to become closer to reaching their goals in life. One may find themselves in the company of a psychic or individual with powers to see what is hidden in some way. This also could represent a visit with a clairvoyant or medium whose advice should be taken in order to gain what one desires out of life. Someone represented by this card could be learning or have mastered the use of divination tools that include crystal balls, tarot cards, runes, or palmistry. This also heralds the beginnings of wisdom through new age spirituality and drawing on energies not of this realm. Regardless, The Magician calls upon the querent to put their talents to work in the real world. A necessity if there is a desire to break out into the world on one’s own like when flying from the nest. The querent is forewarned to seize upon opportunities instead of squandering them with inactivity or lack of self-esteem.

The Magician in a Reversed Position


A reversed Magician in a spread negates the former symbolism and inverts it to be muted or negated altogether. The querent may find themselves being taken advantage of or manipulated with wit and fantastical ideas. The querent could also be the one doing the manipulating here as a reversed Magician shows himself standing on his head with his wand pointed to the underworld and the contents of his altar will topple over in this position meaning things are being disrupted and contorted in order to suit a sly person’s purposes. This card in its turned position can also be a warning against false prophecy, smoke and mirrors, or flashy tricks used to mislead people into believing them to be more knowledgeable than is true. Whomever the deceitful character, it is definitively represented by the reversed Magician. Remember that even when a Magician is overturned, that he still retains his powers. He’s simply putting them to work in more malevolent and selfish ways. The power to bend people’s opinions and concepts in order to have his own way is a reversed Magician’s gift, so don’t be fooled by someone who has all of the words, but none of the evidence to back up their claims of wisdom or talent.

Wasted talents, procrastination, and missed opportunities are present due to an intensely detrimental lack of self-confidence are other ideas suggested by The Magician when dealt upside down. Caution should be taken when associating with those who claim to be connected to the occult or have hidden intuitions. The position of this card foretells of frauds of this sort that take advantage of with people who have a genuine interest in occultism and divinatory arts. The querent should also heed a false sense of knowing due to this card being reversed. There may be an overinflated ego, know-it-all attitude, and a refusal to admit one’s wrongs. Again, keep in mind that this can also be true for someone within the querent’s circle if it does not apply to the querent themselves.

Symbolism and History of the Magician

The Magician gives way to imagery akin to that of mastery in all things. There is often an infinity symbol etched above the magi’s head as he stands with his right hand raised to the skies before an altar that houses the four elemental suits of the minor arcana: Cups for Water, Swords for Air, Pentacles for Earth, and Wands for Fire. The other hand may be directed downwards. It’s as if he is arranged in a stance of “As above, so below.” The altar before him as well as the wand enclosed in his right hand signify inner wisdom and knowledge of all things, including those that are hidden. There are strong implications of learnedness in this card or its attainment as The Magician takes part in his art and worship of the divine with great dignity and knowing.

Considered and labelled as Card Number One in Tarot Decks, The Magician is not the first card, but the second in the journey of The Fool. It shows the stage of life where self-sufficiency often occurs, and where the development of intuition and spiritual learning surfaces. Being the master of one’s own fate and in charge of themselves is very apparent and we have graduated into complete control of the things and people that surround us. There is a genuine feeling that all success and knowledge is achieved through hard work, sacrifice, and dedication as The Magician is shown at work as opposed to being at rest, which is very obvious indicator of work bringing forth reward as opposed to reward and recognition for very little dedication. What is won is earned when this card is present in a spread.

Key Terms

Preparation, Deserved Success, Hard Work, Talent, Self-Confidence, Self-Mastery, Attainment, Knowledge, Occult Wisdom, Study, Reward, Slyness, Manipulation, Twisting Words.

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