“How Do They Really Feel About You?” Tarot Spread

This tarot spread is designed to help you gain insight into the true feelings and intentions of a person you may not know much about or someone who seems guarded with you. By asking the question “How do they really feel about me?” you can delve into their current situation, their genuine emotions toward you, how they express those feelings, how they express their feelings about you to others, and any hidden intentions or feelings they may have.

The strength of this spread lies in its ability to reveal hidden intentions and contrasts between true feelings and outward expressions to you versus others. It can shed light on any gossip or drama surrounding the situation.

To use this spread, focus on the person in question and lay down the cards in the numbered order while asking the question “How do they really feel about me?”

Card 1: Person

This card represents the person you are inquiring about. It serves as a significator, describing their personality, your connection to them, and their current situation or challenges. Analyze this card alongside the feelings card and hidden intentions for deeper insights.

Card 2: True Feelings

This card reflects the person’s genuine and immediate emotions toward you. These feelings may or may not be evident to you. This placeholder can offer insights into their sentiments about you in the present situation. Pay attention to how this card contrasts with the expression cards and the hidden feelings card for a more profound understanding.

Card 3: Feelings as Expressed Toward You

This card portrays how the person expresses their emotions toward you. It reveals how they treat you, interact with you, and the impressions they give. Understanding this card can offer insights into the nature of your relationship. When compared to other cards, it may reveal reasons for concern or raise important observations.

Card 4: Feelings as Expressed Toward Others

This card illustrates how the person expresses their feelings about you to others. It provides insights into how they portray you, talk about you, and discuss your relationship in general. Look for clues about potential manipulation, deception, or even secret crushes. This card is potent when compared to the other cards in the spread, as it brings clarity and understanding.

Card 5: Hidden Intentions

The fifth card represents the hidden aspects. It may signify hidden intentions, thoughts, motives, or situations. This slot highlights the presence of the shadow or the less obvious aspects. Depending on the other cards in the spread, this card can indicate something positive or negative, offering further depth and meaning to the overall reading.

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