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Will we be together? The most important basis for the reconciliation that both partners want is a willingness to compromise. Compromises must always come from mutual conviction. Every argument with violence, every argument leads to heartache. Each must notice that not only he, but the other is sick inside and understand it. Mutual accusations prevent and make reconciliation difficult. It is better if the participants give each other their points of view and feelings without reproach. The most important condition for reconciliation is always an honest conversation. The divination “Will we be together?” – is not a bad way to quickly find out how your romantic relationship will develop in the near future.

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Disputes between arguing pairs within a family can often drag on for a long time. Such deep conflicts usually arise when problems have accumulated over a long period of time and when there is no culture of discussion to resolve conflict peacefully and discuss openly and honestly.

In relationships, such constant arguments and conflicts can also lead to a loss of love. If mistrust and serious trauma caused by a serious breach of trust also play a role, sometimes only separation remains . However, as long as there is love between the conflicting parties and the will to reconcile, hope remains. The wise advice offered by the cubes will tell you how to handle the situation in order to turn the developing events to your advantage. The dice – will we be together The dice divination belongs to the simplest and most understandable.

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