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Tarot divination “Why is he missing”: Cell phone doesn’t ring for days! Suddenly it won’t call again and you don’t know why? Why is he missing? Online Tarot divination for free can find the answer to these questions. The first date seemed to be special. But there is nothing worse than waiting for a call from your loved one.

However, it happens more often than you would like. At this point, it’s important not to get carried away with self-destructive thoughts. Lack of a call does not always mean that he does not want anything from you. There could be other reasons.

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What to do if he no longer responds? Of course, there is no magic wand that can inevitably lead to success in such situations. In any case, try to remain calm and not to get carried away with hasty action.

Each man, of course, is different, and there may be many reasons why he is missing and not getting in touch after one or more meetings. If there is unrequited love on his part, you should always remember that this is not your man. It’s just not your destiny and you won’t be together. In principle, you may even be grateful to him. Imagine the pain if he disappeared after a few months.

Regardless of how the first date went, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship will continue. Try not to get your hopes and expectations too high. Then possible disappointment won’t be as painful. Everyone is different, and this also affects the willingness to connect with other people. For example, there are men who deliberately avoid love and, when there is no affection, prefer to seek escape. Try to make the most of every situation.

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