Dice reading – What does he think of me?

Dice divination is one of the methods of ancient witchcraft. Sometimes they are called dice or cubes with inclusions on each of the six sides. With the help of the cubes you can find out your fate, and get an answer to the worrying question: What does he think about me?

Fortune-telling on dice – “What does he think about me?” is not dangerous, so it can be done by anyone, you only need to follow certain rules. This method of divination on dice is very simple, but requires concentration. You should try to relax, clearly formulate the question and fully concentrate on it. You should not talk about it aloud, it is important that the wording be clear.

Fortune Telling
Shuffle again

Dice divination is as old as the world. Even the Old Testament repeatedly mentions predicting the future using dice. Dice were popular all over the world and in one form or another were found literally everywhere.

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