The karmic purpose of the zodiac signs

Karmic love is a strong and often unbreakable bond, both positive and negative. There is a tremendous attraction between two people and zodiac signs that cannot be explained by rational thought. There is, in fact, a balance in the karmic relationship that can be costly. It is about the action and counteraction of the karmic purpose of the zodiac signs and the special soul connection.

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If there is a karmic connection between two zodiac signs and soul partners, this connection remains until karma is balanced. The bond of dual souls is sometimes full of love, sometimes full of unspeakable sadness. Karmic love can develop for any person imaginable. Such a connection is often very difficult in a love relationship. If you are karmically connected to another person, it is a life problem that has not yet been solved, or a problem that continues to arise even after several rebirths, because it cannot be solved until the end of your respective lives. Karmic love itself is a kind of work, centered on the balancing of karma.

In esotericism, karmic relationships are interpreted as forms of special soul ties. Karma is inevitable for the development of the soul. From a spiritual perspective, a new age has arrived that intensifies the longing for a soul mate. Karma in love relationships is about the consequences of thoughts, actions, decisions, and relationships from past lives. It is about the interactions between two souls. The release of karma goes hand in hand with what happened in your life then.

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