The Human Aura and Psychic Aura Readings

Psychic aura readings can reveal information about your own psychic energy

Every human being has an energy field that surrounds their body. This is referred to as the aura. In its purest form, the human aura is believed to be radiating spiritual energy that is unique to every individual. One way to look at the human aura is to imagine it as a blanket of light that radiates from all of us. Those who can sense auras claim that they can see luminous impressions of color that surround the human body. These colors are associated to one’s emotions, present psychological issues, karmic concerns, and most importantly, one’s spiritual energy.

Aura readers can tell a lot about a person by the aura colors that emanate from their body. These colors can often determine specific spiritual or psychological imbalances that need to be addressed, processed or acknowledged to achieve harmony. In many cases, psychic aura readings really deal with psychological or emotional issues with the goal being to find inner balance through the dissipation of inner conflict and turmoil.

It’s important to note that when an aura reader does work on someone else that whomever they are working on has first allowed them to do so. Otherwise their attempts can be seen as a psychic intrusion which can sometimes cause conflict. It is important that appropriate boundaries are set. This creates an environment of safety for both the aura reader and the person being read.

The same needs to be said for those who work on your aura if you are the one receiving the reading. It is important that you always feel really comfortable with the person you are working with. This is because your aura is connected both to your energy levels and your emotional state. You need to be careful that you don’t allow your aura’s field to be penetrated or drained by an individual that you either do not feel comfortable working with or who does not have the skills to adequately work with you on an energetic level.

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