The History of Fortune Telling

Human beings have always been interested in trying to predict their future which is why there is a long tradition of psychics and fortune telling

Another word that is commonly used in place of the term “fortune telling” is “divine” which stems from the word ‘godly’. This is because fortune telling is believed by many people to be an activity which has divine inspiration. Many even consider it to be a divine “gift”.

In the past, fortune telling was often used to predict the weather so that farmers would know when to sow and when to reap their crop. Often these predictions were based on astrology which is the science of making predictions based on the movements of the sun, moon and stars. The ancient Greek kings, however, would often consult with special fortune tellers known as “oracles” to provide guidance at times when they needed to make major decisions such as determining whether or not it was a good time to go to war.

As time passed, human problems and knowledge became more complex and so did the art of fortune telling. Many methods for predicting the future were developed. In addition to astrology, some of these include using special marked stones called runes, reading the signs in tea leaves, looking into crystal balls, reading tarot cards, studying numerology, analyzing dreams, palm reading, and so forth.

The art of foretelling is also practiced by many different cultures and civilizations over time. Each culture has made its own contributions to the art of forecasting the future. The roots of this ancient tradition stretch back into the mists of time into ancient Greece, Babylonia, Mesopotamia, and Rome. In the Far East, ancient civilizations also played a part in the psychic arts which developed in China, India and many other places. Even Native Americans, the Aztecs and the Incas often relied upon dream visions or astrology to make predictions about the future.

Psychics and fortune tellers are still extremely popular to this day. Fortune tellers receive their information in many different ways. Some just “know” things intuitively while others may “see” images or “feel” things. Many will use what are known as “spirit guides” which are angels or spiritual entities they can communicate with who provide them with information and answers to questions. As mentioned before, some will also use special divinatory tools such as crystals or tarot cards to channel the information they receive into more concise messages. While there are many different ways a fortune teller or psychic can receive their information, they all share one thing in common. Their abilities all stem from a special gift that can not be detected by the five senses. Some psychics are naturally born with them while others learn and develop them over time.

If you have never had a reading done by a psychic or fortune teller before you certainly should give it a try. They can be especially helpful when you have a personal question that you would like answered, but can also be useful if you are just looking for general advice concerning your own future. Most fortune tellers will start their sessions with you based on the impressions that they are receiving. These may be statements about your personality, your past, your present, and your future. They can also provide advice concerning making major life decisions such as whether it is a good time to get married or to buy a new house. In many cases you will be astounded by their insight and the accuracy of the information they provide.

You can find a number of reputable services who provide readings from gifted psychics by doing a search online. Most online psychics actually conduct their readings live and over the phone, but a few services also provide private one-on-one readings via online chat rooms.

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