Taurus and Cancer Horoscope Match

Taurus is an earth sign and Cancer is a water sign, however they make an excellent horoscope match. Find out how.

Both enjoy being homebodies and share a common love for great food and domestic bliss. They will spend a lot of time tending the hearth and children. Both are deep believers in the concept of security and are quite materialistic.

Cancer will want to know every little thing that happens in the life of Taurus and shower him or her with plenty of care and attention. This will bring Taurus the deep sense of security he or she seeks. Both are highly emotional signs. They will enjoy spending many peaceful moments together sharing the simple joys of life. Both are not keen on joining the crazy rat race but prefer to have their own cozy nest away from the buzz.

Taurus can sometimes be rather brash while communicating and this can affect the sensitive Cancer. This could push Cancer into a deep shell and the clumsy efforts of Taurus to coax Cancer is likely to fail. Taurus must learn to be more tactful around Cancer.

Taurus is very passionate and will like a thrilling sex life. Cancer’s sex life is affected by his or her moods. If there has been any unhappiness or unpleasantness, Cancer will not be open to the idea of making love and this will affect Taurus deeply. Sex will attract both of them together but it’s love that will keep this couple together. Taurus will fulfill all Cancer’s secret sexual fantasies.

Taurus and Cancer will be seen as warm and caring people. As individuals they will be abundantly blessed with plenty of personal charm and appeal. They will be able to easily fill their life with the money, possessions and other things that they wish for.

Both Taurus and Cancer do have an artistic streak inside. They will be able to help and encourage each other to harness this inner potential and make it a rewarding passion. They must try to explore their creativity together and individually.

Taurus and Cancer are at ease in each other’s company and open up to each other. They do not suffer from inhibitions. They will share plenty of jokes and tease each other in a lively manner. It they like to dance, they will enjoy plenty of it.

The Taurus-Cancer combination is a match made in heaven as both complement each other in most ways.

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