What is my Personality? – Symbolon oracle

Each person has his own special character. Even if it seems to you that you understand what kind of character a person has, most likely this is not so. The personality of a person is multifaceted, there is no unambiguously good or bad person. We all have these traits, just in different proportions. Online Symbolon oracle divination “What is my Personality? ” will not only help you to look at yourself from the outside and better understand what character traits you have the brightest, it will allow you to find out how people around you see you, how you would like to be and who you really are. With the help of Symbol cards, you can determine the trait of your character that often prevents you from holding on to your love or making your love relationship stronger.

People always think much better of themselves, finding excuses for their character traits. But most often our ideas about ourselves, our character, do not always coincide with the opinion of the people around us. To find out how you imagine yourself and compare your presentation with the opinion of others, you can use online prediction on Symbolon oracle – “What is my character?

Do not forget that the cards reflect your ideas about yourself, others’ ideas about you and your character, exactly in the present, based on your condition at this moment in time, and tomorrow everything can be very different…

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