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Want to know your personal horoscope that reveals your status, characteristics, personality, and future predictions? Get a free personal horoscope. An individual horoscope is an astrological portrait of a person that contains information about his or her temperament, natural characteristics and character traits. On the formation of personality, in addition to hereditary data, has a significant influence the position of the planets in a particular period. Therefore, the most accurate from the astrological point of view is an individual horoscope, taking into account the date, time and place of birth of the person. Based on these data, you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of a person, find out his destination and even change his fate. An astrological portrait not only reveals a person’s personality, but also allows one to make predictions about the future. This is a great opportunity to adjust your behavior in order to achieve success.

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To get a personal horoscope, fill out all the fields of the form. First enter your name, sex and date of birth. The astrological portrait will be as accurate as possible if you specify the time of birth (hour, minute). If the data is unknown, skip this step and question marks will remain in the field. Equally important is the birthplace, the coordinates affect the appearance of the astrological chart. To do this, enter the city or choose an option from the list. After selecting the city the fields for latitude and longitude will be filled in automatically, but you can set them manually or with a map. The accuracy of your individual horoscope calculation depends on the accuracy of the information you specified. At the end press the “Check horoscope” button. To get a personal horoscope by date of birth,

The heavenly bodies determine our life and future from the moment we are born. Therefore, astrology has a long tradition of making birth charts and horoscopes to help us understand our future. Horoscopes don’t just predict the future; they also provide insightful predictions about a person’s character and personality traits, strengths and weaknesses and more.

Astrology Online has made it easy to directly obtain personalized horoscopes by date of birth online for free. Our site provides free personal horoscope services by entering accurate birth information. The free personal horoscope is based on western astrology and contains individual and detailed life predictions to help you plan for a better future.

The personal horoscope is based on a natal chart built on specific data: time, date, place of birth. As a result, a unique picture is formed from a multitude of elements, giving an idea of the person’s personality. The most accurate interpretation of an astrological horoscope gives the interpretation of several sources at once. Western astrology considers the position of the Sun, Moon and 8 major planets in relation to the signs of the Zodiac at the time of birth. The Chinese calendar is based on a 12-year cycle, with each year having a specific patron animal. Of no less importance in Eastern philosophy is one of the five natural elements, which ultimately form a 60-year cycle. The combined horoscope combines the Western and Chinese signs of the Zodiac to reveal a person’s personality in different aspects.

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