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Online fortune telling on the mirror for the future

Online fortune telling on the mirror for the future

Mirror magic and fortune telling online on a mirror for the future can be a great way to see yourself better and give yourself healing energy and love. Reflective surfaces have been used for thousands of years for magic and divination, including observing and determining the truth of a situation. Some have thought of them as portals, like Alice in the Looking Glass.

Mirror divination is one of the most complex witchcraft types of divination. You can see figures and shapes that can be interpreted as different things, and you can see how the storyline unfolds. Intuition – important tools for divination in the mirror to see your future.

Fortune telling on a mirror
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Researchers have found that the obsidian mirror, which was allegedly used by occultists and magicians at the court of Queen Elizabeth I in the 16th century, had predictive powers. This supports the idea that the mirror was used by Elizabethan occultists in their attempts to communicate with angels.

The best thing about online mirror divination for the future is that the mirror provides us with a portal, a tool we can use for self-awareness. The mirror can show us how flexible we are about our perception. You don’t need any mind-altering substances to explore the limits of your mind, just the willingness to go there and the patience to weather the storms.


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