“How he feels about me” – dice divination

Dice divination “What he feels for me” will answer the questions, help predict the future of your love, tell you how the relationship will develop. Connect your plans for the future with your destiny or ask a question to the dice. If you are worried about the current situation or some problem with your beloved man and you want to know how he feels about you, you can consider not only the values of the dice separately, but the whole combination.

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Unlike cards, divination with dice is absolutely safe and available to everyone. You do not need any abilities of a magician or sorcerer. Anyone can use dice divination, without training or education. You just need to follow the rules. In order not to make a mistake in divination, you need to learn the rules and in general understand the essence of such a thing as divination. Then you can safely proceed to the process itself.

Although no special preparation is required, it is better to concentrate on the divination, otherwise it will be a waste of time. Before starting a divination with dice, you should determine the time segment: a day, a week, a month. It is necessary to remove the tension of extraneous thoughts and concentrate on the process of divination. This is necessary for a clear and accurate formulation of your question. The question is formulated in your head, not spoken aloud. After the question is formulated, start guessing.

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