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Fortune Telling with Matches – For Love

Fortune Telling with Matches – For Love

Love is not just a pursuit, it is a path to it. In a two-way relationship, true love fills both partners with an interest in life. However, this lust for life can only be sustained if both partners are capable of unconditional love. Matchmaking – for love will show that if the partner is not ready for it, there will be problems at some point, as they have expectations and conditions. Pure love is not tied to specifications, it accepts what life brings or what the partner does.

Light the matches
Shuffle again

To love unconditionally means to have absolute trust without any possessiveness. Unselfish love is not tied to any conditions and endures all disappointments-for the sake of happiness, freedom, and ease.

The immeasurable power of true love leads to inner growth and development of the spirit. In a relationship between two people, unconditional love is the perfect ability to love without any guidance or power plays. When you love unselfishly, you open your heart and overcome pain and fear. You don’t expect those around you to love you, you forgive mistakes and know the power of mercy. But can everyone learn to love unconditionally?


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