Fortune-telling on playing cards “Will my wife cheat on me?”

Anyone who suddenly learns of their partner’s infidelity often feels very humiliated. In addition, there are feelings ranging from anger and distrust to helplessness or fear of loss. The thought of your partner cheating on you is an absolute nightmare for many of us. But what to do when a nightmare becomes a reality? Fortune-telling on playing cards “Does my wife cheat on me” will help you find an answer and give advice. As difficult as it may be: be patient. Understandably, one of your first thoughts may be to just drop everything and end the relationship. When the initial anger has subsided, you can still quietly consider whether you are ready to forgive your partner.

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Many people who have been betrayed by their partner are not only deeply hurt-they also suddenly question themselves as individuals. Self-esteem deteriorates considerably, and instead a sense of despair, powerlessness, and fear of losing the other person forever prevail. This is followed by anger and distrust of the partner. For many people who have been betrayed, the worst thing is not even the sex between their own partner and the other person, but the associated abuse of trust. Recent studies show that the vast majority of cheaters simply end up in bed with someone else because of a pure desire for something new, not because they no longer love their partner or are unhappy with the relationship.

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