Fortune-telling on the runes “On the situation”

Divination on the runes “On the situation” can be used to help you through problems or questions to show you what is likely to happen. Divination in the runes “On the situation” helps to understand and learn your destiny and the cause of the situation. Free online divination on the runes “On the situation” will help clarify controversial issues.

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The runes come from the northern part of Europe, where the Vikings once lived long ago, who lived in close contact with the earth and its mysterious forces.

The Vikings had their own system of religion and mythology, which contained many deities. The father of the god Thor, Odin, was the creator of the runes, and he belongs to the most important figures in Viking folk traditions. One day Odin hung himself upside down on a tree branch in order to become wiser and learn the real laws of the world. Before he went down, he learned about a new system called the Runes. These symbols were used by the high priests not only for writing, but also for magical purposes.

There were runes that influenced the weather, crops, they had the power to get rid of charms or, conversely, to bring them about, they had the power to influence health or interpersonal relationships.

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