Fortune-telling on a man – what’s on his mind: Cymbol cards

This card divination Simbolon will tell you what he thinks about you, about the person you like. It will describe his/her feelings and reveal subconscious attitudes that sometimes matter more than anything else.

In Simbolon card divination, you must first think about the person you want to divine and choose the cards: which will reveal their thoughts, feelings and subconscious attitudes.

Start divination: what he thinks about you on the Simbolon cards

Cymbolon – What does he think of you?

Card #1. What part of my personality does the man show me?
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It is also often the case that you want to solve and resolve a particular problem with a person who is causing many problems in your life; you want to talk to him face-to-face, but that is not possible. Cymbol cards in these cases can easily convey to you the feelings and motives of that person and give you a clear understanding of that person’s motives.


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