Divination of the near future and the situation on the mirror

Mirror divination has been used for decades to see the future and predict events.

Are you looking for an effective way to predict your future in a very real way? Fortune telling on the near future and the situation on the mirror is able to guess very accurately the future events that can happen in our lives. The mirror has always been considered to be a mystical portal to a mysterious and otherworldly world hidden from human eyes. That is why it was often used for divination. In order to perform it, it was necessary to prepare carefully.

I don’t need to convince you why the mirror is the best attribute for divination and clairvoyance, you will see for yourself. Divination on the mirror online allows you to predict the future and show how the situation will develop.

Fortune telling on a mirror
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The art of divination is sacred and old. Often practiced by fortune-tellers, divination and predicting the future looked at dark reflective surfaces, such as dark well water or a smooth piece of obsidian. This divination became known as clairvoyance and is an act of meditation through soft gazing, allowing thoughts and distractions to subside and the subconscious to become strong and clear. For a long time, mirrors were believed to be a direct portal to the spiritual world, allowing loved ones, angels and spirits to pass through them to deliver messages, warnings and spiritual gifts to the practitioner.

In the Victorian era, it was widely believed that the spirit of a departed loved one could get trapped in the home mirrors, so at the time of the family’s death they draped all the mirrors with black cloth. so that the spirit would not go astray and continue its journey to Heaven. Witches, shamans and the like tend to cover or wrap their divination mirrors with black cloth when not in use, to keep the “portal” closed when not in use. The art of divination should not be taken lightly, nor should it be feared.

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