Common Misconceptions About “Psycics”

The two most common misspellings for the word “psychic” are “psycic” and “pyschic”

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding psychics these days. The first, ironically, is how to spell the word itself. According to search statistics, the two most common misspellings for the word “psychic” are “psycic”, which gets searched for nearly 15,000 times a month, and “pyschic”, which gets over 12,000 searches per month. Fortunately though, all of the major search engines have built in spell checkers that point those looking for “psycics” or “pyschics” in the right direction.

There is a certain stigma connected to what a psychic can or can’t actually do as well. Many people tend to have the belief that psychics have some sort of unexplainable magic powers that gives them the ability to know just about anything or how to solve just about any personal problem. As any credible psychic will tell you though, nothing could be farther from the truth. Psychics are after all only human. While they do have special gifts that allow them to tap into certain energy channels, they are not omniscient beings. They are limited just as we all are, so don’t expect them to have answers to every question.

The same goes for psychics knowing specific answers to specific questions. Don’t expect a psychic to be able to tell you tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers, because they can’t. Occasionally though, psychics can channel specific information when it does come to them. For example, they can sometimes identify the specific name of a dead relative when it comes to them, but don’t expect this happen in every reading. More often then not, they will tell you that they “sense” or “pick-up” some piece of specific information as opposed to knowing or actively acquiring it.

Another popular misconception about psychics is that they are mind readers. Psychics can not and do not read minds. If you ever encounter a psychic who claims that they can read minds, you should probably avoid them because they are most probably not being honest with you. What psychics can do is tap into energy. They may be able to sense your thoughts or feelings, but they can’t go directly into your head hear what you are thinking.

In truth, many psychics will tell you that we all have some innate psychic abilities. When you get a hunch, or know when someone is going to call you before the phone actually rings, this can often be psychic premonition that you are not fully aware of. The primary difference between psychics and the rest of us is that they are much more consciously know how to sense and tune into these energy channels. With a lot of practice and dedication, we can find the psychic in all of us.

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