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Ancient magic of Norse runes for weddings

Ancient magic of Norse runes for weddings

Norse runes for wedding altars, rings and invitations – the complete elder futhark alphabet

The ancient magic of Norse runes is used in Viking weddings and other pagan weddings and handshakes as a blessing and protection. Add these Elder Futhark runes to your wedding altar, wedding rings, wedding swords, invitations and decor on the day of the ceremonii as part of a memorial marriage ceremony.

Norse runes are powerful symbols with an ancient and magical history. These runes are known to scientists as the Elder Futhark and are considered one of the oldest forms of the runic alphabet.

They were carved from stone and metal for protection, ritual magic, spells and divination, revenge, and tales of crops, gods, and battles.

First used by Germanic and Scandinavian peoples, including the Vikings in Northern Europe, it is believed that Futhark runes became popular in the first or second century AD. They have since been used by Wiccans, Hedge Witches, Neo-Druids, Pagans, and other modern Pagans.

Each character is a sound that can be put together to form words and a story, or read separately to symbolize a unique concept, object, or action.

Runes as part of the wedding ceremony 

Because of their symbolism and visual beauty, and their role in pagan rituals and magic, runes are often found in Viking weddings as part of a marriage ceremony, as well as in Wiccan and pagan ceremonies.

You will find runes to write on wedding invitations, engraved on wedding rings, wedding crowns and heirlooms, and painted on wedding altars and arches. You can even see them placed on the walls or floor of the wedding venue as part of a circle.

When deliberately used in pagan wedding rituals, including Viking weddings, the runes are said to bless marriage with wealth and good health, fertility, wisdom and strength, protection from outside evil forces, and years of love and happiness.

Elder Futhark – Viking Runes 

Below you will find each of the 24 Elder Futhark runes along with their individual meaning. 

1. Fehu, F. 
“Cattle”. Wealth, material comfort, prosperity, abundance in the house, hope for the future.

2. Uruz U
“Wild Bull” Good health, determination, stamina, strength.

3. Turisaz, TH
“Giant” Giants from Scandinavian mythology, chaos, driving force, danger and strong emotions, negative if not handled with wisdom.

4. Ansuz,
“God or deity” One, divine insight, prosperity, inspiration.

5. Raido 
“The Long Journey” Resilience, patience, strength, evolution, growth, life cycle.

6. Kenaz
Truth “Fire or Light”, transparency in communication, triumph of good, creativity, the element of fire (Also written Kaun, Kaunaz)

7. Gebo
“Gift or sacrifice to the gods.” Spiritual connection, voluntary surrender, faith, hope, generous spirit.

8. Wunjo
Wunjo ” Emotional and physical security, victory in battle, deep happiness and joy, family.

9. Hagalaz
Haga ” Stormy weather, both literally and figuratively, a hail of battle, destruction, risk, the elements of air.

10. Nautiz
“Need”. Essential needs for a successful life, and life itself, a necessity, wants.

11. Isa
Isa ” Patience and disappointment, a period of expectation of clarity, something unknown and indecisive.

12. Jera
“Year or Harvest”. Full revolution of the wheel, full circle, period of abundance and harvest, the element of the earth.

13. Эйтваз
«Тисовое дерево» Священное тисовое дерево, дерево которого используется для вырезания рунических камней и жезлов для ритуалов; священный, магический, духовно могущественный, божественный источник

14. Перт
Неизвестно – значение этой руны неизвестно, поэтому ее иногда избегают.

15. Альгиз
«Защита» Защита и защита от вреда.

16. Совило
«Солнце или Соль, норвежский бог солнечного света».

17. Тиваз
«Бог войны, Тир или Тир» Битва, победа, семья, честь, праведность.

18. Беркано
«Богиня весны» Плодородие, обновление, весна, новые начинания, юная радость, березы, яблоки, стихия земли.

19. Эваз
«Лошадь» Устойчивое и легкое общение, доверие.

20. Mannaz
“Humanity” Family, community, relationships, mortality, vulnerability.

21. Laguz
“Water” Unknown depths, fluidity of spirit and mind, strong emotions, unpredictability, water element.

22. Ingvaz
Somewhat unknown, it is believed that he symbolizes Inga, Yngwie or Freyr, Frey, the god of masculinity (male sexual potency), prosperity, harvest, abundance.

23. Dagaz
“Daylight” New beginnings, fresh opportunities, the cycle of the day, hope, enlightenment, change, the element of fire.

24. Otila
“Heritage”, Wisdom, wealth, ancestors, pedigree (Also spelled as Odal, Othala)

Runes can be written on your vows or invitations


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