Am I Psychic?

Have you ever wondered what makes a person a psychic?

The answer to this question may be surprising. Psychics are highly intuitive people who have the ability to tune into their sixth sense. Many people claim that this extra sense, which is where the term extra sensory perception (ESP) comes from, exists within all of us. Psychics just happen to be a lot more aware of what their sixth sense is saying to them than the rest of us. There are few boundaries once it is fully recognized. The sixth sense can breaks through barriers of time, space and concrete reality.

Throughout history the sixth sense was considered something of a mystery. People who claimed to have such skills were often considered to be witches. As a result many were persecuted largely because their extraordinary perceptions were feared. Fortunately, persecuting witches has long been discarded. However, there are still many people who fear psychics or people who have the ability to utilize their sixth sense. Part of this is due to the number of false psychics out there who attempt to scam people out of their money. This only adds to the disbelief in psychic phenomenon.

We all possess psychic abilities. We’ve all had a hunch or a gut feeling that we couldn’t explain. Some of us have had prophetic dreams of events that would later come true. There are also many people that believe a deja-vu is a manifestation of psychic ability. For most of us though there is a tendency to bury these abilities because we fear them or are uncomfortable with them. The skeptical part of our mind can also often dismiss what are sixth sense might be trying to say to us as products of our imagination or “irrational” fears or thoughts. Some people though are born with the natural capacity to tune into their sixth sense and understand its meaning completely. These are usually the people that can turn their ability into a career.

So what is a psychic? To fully understand the answer to this question you might want to take a look at your own level of psychic intuition. Next time you get a “gut feeling” about something unusual take note of it to see if it fact does come true. Begin by opening your mind up to the idea that you, too, have a sixth sense.

In other articles on this website, you will find tips and exercises that help to improve your psychic ability.

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